And so it’s almost over…

*** All photos in this post were taken by the talented Katie Foulkes @ KFD Photography ***

Yesterday I set up my window display at Eighteen Rabbit in Hay-on-Wye, an accumulation of 12 weeks’ work. And my last ever university module. I feel like I should be a bit more melancholic about leaving uni, having to be a proper adult, but actually I’m just massively excited for the next thing – and that’s a nice place to be. I think that’s partly because my confidence in my work has grown massively over the last year and I really do believe that with lots of hard work and consistent engagement in personal projects I’m planning that I definitely could, one day, be a freelance illustrator.

I started the display by drawing on the windows, which took a lot longer and involved a lot more mistake-making that I’d thought it would but I made sure to leave enough time to get it all done so it was aaallll fine.

I then put in all the little ceramic volcanoes and animals I’d made, at first I thought they might look a bit sparse on the giant window sill but actually I felt that there appeared to be a lot more narrative when they were arranged over such a wide area and I love the result – lots for passers-by to look at! In fact, quite a few people who were watching what I was doing from outside came into the shop and had a look around, which they might not have done otherwise, which is great for the shop and was actually one of the aims I put in my brief.


Next job was to hang the risograph posters I’d had printed by the lovely people at Risotto Studio in Glasgow. I used fishing wire and gold skeleton binder clips to hang everything and love the kind of wonkiness that came from trying to tie knots in exactly the same places six times.


I also made sure to leave some business cards and stickers in the installation and on the shop counter (and some behind the counter so they don’t all get snapped up too quickly), and I’m so proud of them, and of the project as a whole, I fell a bit in love with drawing on windows – might have to be something I do a lot more of in the future!


And here it is all finished with a nice picture of me looking super awkward at the end!


And that’s it.



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