Dreams are coming true, peepz.


I collect patches and pins (enamel pins, lapel pins, whatever you want to call them) from artists and illustrators I really like and always dreamt of one day selling my own. Below is just a part of my collection, apologies for the photograph.

untitled (23)

Well, folks, that day has come. I have ordered my own batch. It was an investment but I couldn’t be more excited and proud of myself. I feel like collecting pins has given me a good sense of what works and what doesn’t in pin-form and I am completely happy with my final design and it’s had quite a bit of positive feedback on social media.

I ordered them and confirmed manufacturer’s proofs on Tuesday and they are due to take 3-4 weeks to arrive, I cannot express how excited I am. So! Here is the artwork!

treehuggergoldpastelWBIRDI started coming up with designs quite a few weeks ago and decided to wait a while and come back to it, see if I was still happy with it before investing money. I decided this ‘tree hugger’ design looked promising and starting mocking it up in Illustrator..


I decided I wasn’t really happy with how the text had traced so I redid it..

I then mocked up two different colourways because I couldn’t decide whether to go for black or gold plating.

I decided gold plating would probably work best in pin-form, but after looking at my current pins decided paler colours would probably work better with the gold plating.


I then decided it needed more detail so I added a trunk-hole to the tree (which just didn’t work) and some leaves to the green part, which I think did work (after moving the text around a bit). I also added a bird to make it slightly more balanced and interesting.


I started working on some backing cards that I’ll be printing myself to attach the pins to when they arrive:

I am so excited to receive these, more so than any other promotional thing I’ve ordered recently, because this feels like the beginning of something promising and totally related to future plans. I also feel very professional creating artwork and working with external manufacturers – definitely starting to feel like a proper adult.



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