Fimo Fun

Yesterday I started the day with a trip to Hobbycraft and treated myself to a bit of Fimo (polymer clay)! I got the Soft version and the Professional version to see which I preferred and some tools seemed to fall into my basket too… (I am definitely going to miss this student discount..)


I made some samples with both the Soft and Professional with acrylic and gouache (neat and wet), before and after baking and didn’t see much difference between them, although it might be affected by glazing.

I started making some little volcanoes (over foil formers), coyotes and other simple shapes just to practice using the material and then baked them as per packet instructions (although 110C is only 1/4 Gas Mark and so I had to kind of balance it between Off and 1 – lol) but after the suggested 30 mins they seemed ok and I let them cool for another half an hour.

Trying to get the foil out of the volcanoes was fun….

I painted one of the stars with some really wet gouache and it seemed to work ok so I decided to go all out on the volcanoes:

I love how the gouache looks over the fingerprint textures left in the Fimo but I don’t know if the glaze might rewet the paint and dirty the colours – I think the way I apply it, whether dipping or with a brush, might affect that if it is an issue. Also, I’m going to have to think about what glaze to use (if any) in order to avoid yellowing etc.

But for now, here’s what I made:


Can’t wait to make more!



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