Amsterdam: Day Two

(You can read about Day One here)

And so, day two in Amsterdam!

Max and I went to Hortus Botanicus, the botanical gardens, in Plantage and I fell a bit in love.

Also managed to do some sketching and took some rather Instagrammable photos…

After getting a bit lost and getting caught in the wind we made it to Spirit, an uber cool vegetarian buffet restaurant that does, wait for it, VEGAN STROOPWAFFEL ICE CREAM.

Max then wanted to go up all the steps of NEMO, the science museum to take some photos so that’s what we did. It was a bit windy. But they had these circular seats with solar panels on that powered the fountain  that ran down the steps if you spun the chairs around to face the sun. How cool.

After a slow amble back towards the hostel we ended up at Concerto, a record store/café that did THE most amazing vegan choc orange brownie. (I like my food, ok?) The décor was pretty rad.


When it shut at 7pm we then went back to the hostel for a quick recharge before going out for something to eat. Being poor students we went for a Maoz falafel (a must-try if you’re in Amsterdam! That coriander dressing is to die for.)


Tune in soon for the final instalment: DAY THREEEEEE!



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