Amsterdam: Day One

A couple of weeks ago, Max and I went to Amsterdam for a university trip and it was SO COOL. I took some photos and thought I’d do a bit of blogging about it but I’m afraid it is going to have to be in three parts because my Millenial concentration span just cannot do a blog post that long.

And so, day one:

We stayed at Hans Brinker on Kerkstraat which had some delightful art on display (they have a good dry sense of humour apparently, those Dutch).

First on the list of things we wanted to do was a visit to the Stedelijk. Now, I’d like to start by having a bit of a whinge about missing out on seeing the Tinguely exhibition by three days. Luckily, however, they did still have a little bit of his work still on show…

And a bit of Calder!



They did have some other pretty cool exhibitions on while we were there though, including some Russian film posters (lots of contrasting pinky reds and blacks in the printed material, didn’t get a photo because I was getting a bit paranoid about being looked at). Also De Stijl! I ❤ De Stijl.

Max got a latte in the restaurant before we headed over the road to Bagels and Beans for lunch. Here’s my Teriyaki Seitan on sesame bagel bagel:


Then we had a look around some shops on Kalverstraat and I quite enjoyed the illustration on this napkin:


We also thought this British Food stand in Waterstones was pretty cool, but 5 Euros for a Terrys chocolate orange. They must like our chocolate, those Dutch.


Then it was back to the hostel for some drinks and drawing (and instagramming)…


Keep an eye out for the next instalment – DAY TWO!

Amy x




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