Major Project is a-go-go

So, there’s only 86 days left until my final undergraduate deadline. Ever. Graduation is on the horizon, New Designers even closer. Soon I won’t be able to get student discount anymore, and that’s a bit sad.

BUT! My final project is the BEST project and I’m loving getting stuck in!

Although my plans have already changed drastically since writing the first draft of my brief, I’m very excited. Very, very excited. Although I may or may not have given myself a massive amount of work to do in less than 86 days.

The main part of my major project (yes, it’s in parts, eek!) is to create a window display for possibly THE best independent shop in the world – Eighteen Rabbit Fair Trade  in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. The window display is to be on show during the Hay Festival 2017 which is very, very exciting! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

The display is all going to be around foraging, specifically local plants in the area like cleavers, wood sorrel, elderflower, cowslips and primroses. It (along with the other parts of my project) will be designed to celebrate ethnobotany, or the relationship between people and plants. I think it’s extremely important to celebrate the value of nature especially in times like these where technology is so great that people can pay for goods with their watches (like what? is that something out of James Bond?).

I also want to incorporate some of the colours and themes of Mexico and Central America in my designs, as a nod to the shop’s origins and ethos. Definitely go and have a look at their website if you’ve got a mo!

The second part of the project is to create a collection of wall-mounted ceramics and riso prints to be hung at my degree show, and at New Designers (eek!), again celebrating ethnobotany but with more of a focus on other uses of plants (alternative medicine for example). I’m hoping these will have more of a narrative element and will be cohesive and maybe even a bit evocative?

The third part is to develop some branding for a local (pie) catering company, called The Appletowns, with a strong emphasis on nature and local rural environments. This is more of an ongoing project and the amount or nature of outcomes by the degree show haven’t been completely decided upon yet. But PIE.


So yes, very exciting stuff. Better go get on with it.

Thanks, as always, for reading



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