“My Spider” Poem Illustration

Over the last couple of weeks I have been frantically trying to finish my dissertation and I can finally say it’s done! At the same time I did a couple of illustrations for a local poet and wanted to show you one!

I actually remembered to take photos while I was painting so I can show you my process, how prepared am I!

I decided to paint it in gouache as a way to get off my computer and away from my dissertation, and it felt so therapeutic to spend a couple of hours painting, I really enjoyed it!

The poem was all about the writer saving a spider from a bathtub when she was about to drown it and letting it live in a plant pot among ferns but always wondering if one day it would crawl away and she’d never see it again. Quite a lovely poem, really.

Anyway, here’s the final illustration:


Hope you’re having a lovely day and thanks for reading!



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