The Sketchbook Project – Pages 10-13

Continuing on with my Space-inspired sketchbook project..

Page 10 was a little bit inspired by Page 1…


It was done at about 7:15am and I really like it. It’s another kind-of “maybe space really looks like this in another dimension” kind of spread, and I get a little bit of a Rothko vibe from it. Really enjoying not trying to create “perfect” images, with more of a focus on how it feels to paint/draw it and how I feel looking at it (after all, a sketchbook is only for you isn’t it. Oh, and all the thousands of people who read your blog. I wish. No, I don’t. Do I?)


Can you spot it?

Can you?





So yeah, there are some hidden stars on that page. How fun!

You will. Keep looking.

Page 12 is my disaster page. (Shouldn’t say that, you might think it’s good…)

sbp12I think it’s ok to have a disaster page though. It proves I’m rolling with it and not worrying too much. Right?
I think it was subconsciously a bit inspired by one of my favourite books at the moment, Don’t Cross The Line (Gecko Press, 2016).

I have definitely learnt from it that doing tiny weeny details with coloured pencil is really silly. I don’t know how a page full of people would have fit in that rocket anyway.

Page 13 was a bit of an excuse to include some typography. (Still space-themed, of course)


Yeah, apparently Picasso said that. #notbothered
The spot illustrations were inspired by his one-line drawings, and they were actually pretty fun to do, might do some more.



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