The Sketchbook Project – Pages 6-9

I’ve been really enjoying using a sketchbook without worrying too much about what it looks like, I think this freedom is helping me to produce some exciting images! (well, I suppose that’s for you to decide?)

Page 6 in said sketchbook was a bit of play with geometric shapes and squiggly lines, creating a bit of a 90’s retro feel which may or may not have been my subtle, rustic take on what I’ve been seeing in Super Abstract Series‘s Instagram feed….


Perhaps space actually looks like that in another dimension?

Page 7 was inspired by one of my current heroes, Paul Klee…


I’m a little bit in love with Klee’s work right now, the combination of rustic paint strokes and geometric shapes and muted colours just makes me swoon a little…

I decided to go for somewhat brighter colours for my “Space City” page though because I used gouache, and love the way Lize Meddings uses it thickly for bolder colour (it also set off the paler colours of the houses and stars quite nicely, don’t you think?).

“Fight Me”, Lize Meddings,  2016


Page 8 was just a bit instinctive, I do enjoy drawing stars so I thought “why not just fill a spread with stars?”, and decided half way through to have them more spread out towards one side for “aesthetic effect” or something.


There’s a bit of pencil and yellow in there too, because some stars are shier than others, just like people.

Page 9 is one of my favourites.


Just some ladies having a boogie.
In their own little world.
Because dancing is very good for you.

Until next time!



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