The Sketchbook Project – The REAL Page 4

So if you haven’t read my last post, a) you should and b) you wouldn’t know that page 4 in my current sketchbook was not in fact mentioned. Why? Because it’s my favourite and gets its own post.

It all began when I took a ‘behind-the-scenes’ shot at what I was working on for our “Third Year Takeover” on the course Instagram account.


I was in the process of drawing some girls in space in really cosy pyjamas because I would love to float about wearing my favourite PJs in space, wouldn’t you? So more girls appeared (and a couple of stars, for atmosphere) and this is what my sketchbook page looked like once I’d finished.


But I wasn’t done, oh no. Behold the ‘negative’ option on the photocopier:


Its like real space! I really love the white on black – will have to try that again some time. I’m also very pleased with how, at least in my space, gravity still affects hair and the hair doesn’t stay inside the helmets. I love being an illustrator. Artistic licence and all that.

I thought I’d also show you the version I posted to my own Instagram account, as I’m quite fond of that filter on it (Moon?) and that little bit of glare.


As always, thanks for reading,



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