The Sketchbook Project – Pages 1-4

Inspired by The Sketchbook Project, I decided to complete a sketchbook on a theme (that changed quite a lot in the beginning) as a way of keeping me creatively motivated and just remembering to take some time out occasionally and just draw for the fun of it. I started off with the theme “Into The Woods” which changed to “Hygge” until I settled on “Space” – broad enough but also narrow enough to keep me inspired.

I started with a very gouache-y page with a poem by Walt Whitman – When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer:
img_2170This page was very much about loosening up and not worrying about the first page being perfect but just to have a bit of fun and not take it too seriously, and I do like the outcome!

The next page was inspired by some magenta ink I found while searching for my gouache paints:


Of course I’d just got some new Polychromos by Faber Castell coloured pencils so had to use those too and I really like the subtle texture they add over the ink. I feel like this page shows a sense of community and belonging in a bit of a Mary Poppins-esque way? Just me? Ok..
The next spread took three days. Three. Days.


I started off with a grid and used my previously mentioned brand new coloured pencils to create a bit of a retro geometric night sky, with the pinks, yellows and whites coming in from the left to create a bit more of a flow from the previous page.

The next spread I’m going to show you is actually number 5, because number 4 was my favourite and will have its own blog post (stay tuned!)


This started life as some gouache circles I wasn’t really feeling so I made them look pretty with some Indian folk art style patterns on top. Much better. It was a funny process, doing the gouache within a couple of minutes but then taking an hour at least to do the intricate designs, I feel much more like I’ve accomplished something having taken more time on it but also I really like that aesthetic contrast of depicting movement in very different ways.




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