Making the most unimpressed sample pieces you’ve ever seen.

For my last foray into the ceramics workshop before the Christmas holidays, I decided I wanted to try out more than just underglaze colours, I wanted to try my hand at all the oxides and lustres and magical things I could see on the shelves in the workshop so I made a bunch of (rather unimpressed looking) squares and offcuts with simple designs on from some nice earthenware clay. I couldn’t resist sticking to what I knew to start with and decorated a few of them with just underglaze colours.


Coming back after Christmas was lovely! All my little test pieces had been bisque-fired and were ready for the next step in their journeys through the unknown…


Some of them were lucky enough to get a bit of underglaze on them once they’d already been fired (this way I could define more of the details because I could wipe away excess colour with a damp sponge, which I couldn’t have done with soft clay).

Some of the more experimental ones got some cobalt and copper oxides on them, this excited me so much because I knew they’d look so different when fired for the second time!

And here they are after that second firing!


I love love love the oxides and can’t wait to have more of a play with them, especially the cobalt! I probably won’t glaze these ones as they look and feel so lovely as they are, but I plan to glaze the others and then I can have a play with lustres (as they go on after glaze and need a third firing). Exciting!




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