Getting bored and going three-dimensional

A couple of weeks ago I decided that drawing on paper was getting boring and I wanted to try something new so I hopped over to the ceramics workshop and got playing!

It was loads of fun, and I really felt inspired and motivated to just learn something new and try things out, without worrying too much if they worked or not. (Obviously I made Christmas decorations because I get a little bit obsessed every year..) Waiting for them to get their first firing was really exciting – not nerve-wracking at all because, you know, not worrying if they work or not

Last week I went back to glaze them, but I decided to paint them first and sponge off excess so the colour brought out any minor bits of texture in the clay and they were some gorgeous textures! I glazed them in a clear glaze and left them for their second firing. (eek)


Picked them up this morning and I LOVE THEM! The glazing wasn’t the most precise but they’re mine and I made them and they’re so shiny and I think I’m hooked…

Looking forward to glazing the other pieces I made last week… (more on those soon 😉 )




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