De Koffie Pot Menu Layout


After listening to Karen’s feedback I decided to try recreating some Scandinavian folk-inspired patterns in softer colours, using alcohol markers as they give a nice soft edge to lines.

I mocked up a menu design and really liked the misprinted effect I’d managed to get so I drew out lots of separate pattern elements and scanned them in to my computer and had a play about with different layer filters and options until I got something a little like this:


I then played about with different colourways as I wasn’t sure if the colours were quite right.

I think the one on the left is my personal favourite, it feels very autumnal, and the right hand one very wintery.. perhaps the client could even use different colourways depending on the season, as that’s when they tend to change their menus.

I also had a bit of play on a tablet adding extra titles and bits, which was a new way of working for me and I quite enjoyed it!

Looking forward to seeing what the client thinks so far!


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