Meeting with Karen from De Koffie Pot

This morning we met up with the lovely Karen from De Koffie Pot and discussed some mid-way ideas and such.

She really like the Scandinavian folk art-inspired patterns and liked that it fitted in with the coffee shop being a former warehouse for produce from barges coming up the river, with barges obviously often being painted with folky designs.

She said she hadn’t invisaged people in the illustrations and so preferred the idea of creating borders with the patterns instead.

The colour scheme, she’d said, was a bit strong and suggested using textures from vintage fabrics to bring in a sort of softness, though whether that would work with the patterns I’m not sure – will have to do some experimenting.

The logos surrounded by stylised laurel leaves were her favourite, and the square/rectangular formats could be used in different scenarios, eg. menus and blackboards. She also preferred the lowercase cursive script to the uppercase designs.

I think I’m going to move forward by creating more elements to the patterns and trying them with different colours and textures. I also want to refine a logos a little more, and think about a menu cover, or another innovative way to store/seal the printed menus.



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