Experimenting with brushes

Carrying on from some earlier sketches I’d made for the De Koffie Pot project, I decided I wanted to take it one step further and create more of a scene, and so I gave a girl a table and some lovely shoes and here she is!

I then wanted to take it from a sketch to a more finished illustration and decided to put it into Photoshop and have a play around with colour…


I like the first one because it’s on a nice post-it note yellow. The second and third were also a bit of fun, I do like the minimal colours but felt that this particular illustration needed a bit more to it.

After trying out quite a few unfamiliar brushes on Photoshop I decided to give her a nice autumnal patterned jumper with a 25pt round watercolour brush, and then added a bit of a vignette to make the illustration feel more polished. After a few more tweaks, this is the final image:


I love the scribbly unkempt feel of it, but I feel I need to have a bit more of look into how illustrators use digital media to create pencilly, textured images well. To Pinterest!




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