Shakespeare @ The Hay Festival project – Part III

(27th April 2016)

I really wanted to get stuck in making all the different elements so I started thinking about the landmarks in Hay and thought the castle, the church (St. Mary’s) and Booth’s Bookshop would be good ones to start with as they are distinctive and I thought they’d be interesting to collage.

I started with the castle and then scanned it into Photoshop to play with the hue/saturation as a main part of the brief was that the client wanted highly saturated colours, however I ended up deciding that the grey worked best as it was more recognisable and just aesthetically looked better, especially against the green background of the map.

I then looked into what the river Wye actually looks like around Hay and, although not particularly geographically accurate, I added it into my map.




Then I looked into the flora in the area as a way to fill up the big gaps on my map, and decided to include some bluebells, wood anemone and wild garlic as they are local to the area and are out at the time of year when the Festival is going to be on. I collaged the individual elements of the flowers by hand and then scanned them into Photoshop again to construct them properly and alter the colours slightly, before adding them to my map.

(Below: before and after adding wood anemone – they fill some gaps nicely!)


And here is my finished piece! Ready for printing onto vinyl and sticking on the tent at the Festival!



(as a side note, I saw this on Facebook and thought it would be a really cool idea to make a game/toy for children out of my work, this piece by Alex Barrow is magnetic! How cool is that?)


Thanks for reading!



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