Collections Project – Part VI: constructing a prototype and designing the interiors

I started constructing a paper prototype for my dolls house just to get an idea of how I wanted the rooms laid out and whether paper would work as a building material for the inside floors and walls. (I later ended up going for foamboard for the whole construction as it was a bit sturdier and easier to build with). I quickly sketched out some interiors.


Once I got a rough idea of how I wanted the interiors to look, I started collaging them, starting with this ode to Lichtenstein for the Pop Art room.

I then scanned everything into Photoshop and played about with textures and the positions of the paintings until I was happy with it.

I then printed all the interiors onto card and stuck them to the individual foamboard pieces I had already measured and cut before gluing the whole thing together and sticking a roof on. Ta daaa!



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