Collections Project – Part V: character design

So, I decided I’m going to make a dolls’ house, full of creative people, artists, designers.

Which meant I had to start drawing characters.

Up until this point I had only been really comfortable with my work when it was animals or flowers – people were a whole different story. I didn’t really know how I wanted them to look, so I just filled pages and pages of a sketchbook playing about with different styles and media.


I started drawing people in my class, which was really interesting because I began to think about what makes people distinctive and how that could be used to give a drawing a bit more depth and character.


I then played about with eyes and noses and came up with quite a few drawings I really like.


I knew I didn’t want to work strictly with line but it was a nice way for me to quickly get down some ideas. I then collaged my characters, I went for an art student and 4 artists, see if you can name them all?

amy stuff013amy stuff 2014


I’m really chuffed with how they turned out – now onto designing the rooms!

Thanks for reading,



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