Collections project – part IV: McLoughlin’s Doll Houses

I was flicking through Pinterest looking at how to make doll houses and furnishings and came across this article about McLoughlin’s Folding Doll House, a product manufactured in the 1890s in America.

(images via, including header image)

I really liked that it was a compact version of a dolls’ house that looked a lot more impressive in size once unfolded (each square -wall, floor etc – measuring 12 x 12 inches). If I made something similar in design as an homage, it would be easy to print onto as it would be made from thick paper/card, it would be easy to package and cheap to post, if I decided to market them, and I just love the idea of revamping and contemporising a product made over 120 years ago.

I could also still make buildable furniture for it and make them up as separate kits, and it would still be interactive even though it could be made very compact.

However, I do like the idea of having a gigantic dolls house with a roof and outer walls and I do want my dolls house to have a roof, I think.

I also looked at McLoughlin’s other doll houses, namely the Dolly’s Play House and the Garden House (below, images via):

They seem a lot more house-like, with roofs and the outside of the house visible, and I think I prefer that, though they may not be a portable or compact as the Folding Doll House.

Again, I do like the idea of really contemporising these products and making my own in homage to the doll house designers of the late 19th century. It’s something to think about at least.

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