Collections project – Part III: thumbnailing ideas


I started thumbnailing some ideas for my doll’s house, thinking about whether it would be flat-pack or not and if I wanted shelves in it to act as the inner walls/floors/ceilings. I think I’m going to make it out of thick card or cardboard so that I could potentially make lots and package them to sell, perhaps with additional kits that could be sold separately. I do want shelves because it would make it more interactive if things could be placed in the upper rooms, like furniture and figures.

I also want to make the front of the house that could either open from one side or be a gatefold.

I thought about using wood or acrylic to construct the house but I’m going to try card first because I like the idea of them being compact and produced in multiple copies. I may decide later that something sturdier would be better for exhibiting, but we’ll see.

I also thought about size, and I want it to look quite impressive when it’s displayed so I’m going to make it as big as I can within the time constraints – This means I’ll probably design and make the inside bits like furniture and people first and see how big I can make the house without it looking bare inside.

Thanks for reading!




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