My Empathy Diary: part 2

I made some more pages for my empathy diary! (If you don’t know what I’m on about, see my last post).

The fourth page in my diary might be my favourite so far:


This is, again, to do with empathy with the environment as we all know wrapping paper is one of the most disposable things we buy. And, it’s all very well putting it in the recycling and saying you’re helping the environment, but so much energy is used in the recycling process that wouldn’t it be much better to just not use it in the first place? Or at least re-use it yourself. This page is made from some wrapping paper I managed to salvage from the bin. The situation I decided to narrate was when I used a square scarf to wrap some presents, which is a much more eco-friendly way of wrapping as you can re-use it again and again to wrap gifts or to wear. The Japanese have a name for this kind of cloth- “furoshiki” – which they use to wrap gifts, wear or carry their shopping. I know Lush Cosmetics do their own version called Knot-Wraps which is the same idea but the actual fabric is made from their old plastic bottles – even more environmentally friendly!

The fifth page is an example of me being empathic, but I’m not sure I agree:


So we were out doing some grocery shopping and we both needed milk (we get different milks) so we got his but I didn’t tell him until we got home that I needed milk too, because I didn’t want to make the bag too heavy to carry. He told me I was being empathic because he’s the one who usually carries the bag and I sacrificed my milk for him to have a lighter bag to carry. I don’t know if I agree – surely if I was being totally empathic I would have carried the bag too?

The sixth is an example of empathy on television:


We were watching the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory and it was all about one of the main characters, Sheldon, trying to be empathic to his friends after treating them poorly when he was ill. The character of Sheldon is often thought to be autistic, because he doesn’t understand things like sarcasm and what is socially acceptable, but the producer, Chuck Lorre, denies that Sheldon has autism. When Amy tells Sheldon he was wrong to act the way he did, he starts to repeat what he did (“Leonard made me soup and I was mean to him”) until he “feels something” – empathy. He realises he was wrong and goes to apologise to everyone he annoyed. It seems like quite a learning curve for the character.

Lastly (for now), is this page:


Back to empathy with the environment, Max and I went to a cruelty-free fair in Worcester last weekend. There were vegan food samples, cruelty-free cosmetics, meat-free recipe books, charity stalls, tombolas, and some amazing vegan pies! It seemed really successful, I think they managed to get quite a lot of curious people in off the street who had never thought of living a compassionate lifestyle, which is great! They shared lots of information about cruelty-free food and products and charities that support compassionate lifestyles and hopefully made more people feel a bit of empathy for animals and the environment. I can’t wait till the next one!

Thanks for reading!




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