Book Arts on Pinterest (Module Research)

140026565082045_tallI found this book on Pinterest and fell in love with how tiny it was! I thought the concept of it being ‘The Mini Book of Major Events’ was very clever, and I like how the text and image are on separate pages, but in a consistent order. This inspired my ‘anonymous cheese hamper’ journal page.

I realised when I saw this that the size of a book is an easy way of emphasising the concept it illustrates (like this one being an ironic depiction of major events). It’s also a clever way to make a book more interesting to look at, and makes the viewer want to pick it up and look through it (unless they’d feel it was too delicate). I decided when we were given the carousel book workshop that I wasn’t happy with the measurements on the handout so I made one 40% of the size, and another one half that size, and another one half that size again, though the smallest one was a bit impractical. I enjoyed it a lot more than I think I would have otherwise, and I feel my outcomes are a lot more original and personal for it.



This next one by Katie Licht, also from Pinterest, is one of my favourites that I found. I love the colour scheme, the hand-cut text, and the unkempt cosiness of it. It also integrates text and image really well, and the thin, near-central horizontals help it to flow effortlessly. I wanted to create a similar feel with my journal, so I used found collage materials and long strips of colour (mainly washi tape) throughout my journal. This book also made me consider text more, and although I knew I wanted my journal to be primarily image-oriented, I decided to use a typewriter (which was low on ink but this created a nice worn effect) to put spot text on most pages. It was also a nice way to record the date on each page.


I also became aware of how important a colour scheme can be when getting a series of images to look separate but consistent, and considered it when creating my zine. I went with purple and yellow as my two main colours (as well as black and white) because they’re complementary colours and I felt they fitted with a lot of the songs I was illustrating.


This one, by Nina Morgan, feels every erratic and personal, I love stitching into paper and I think Morgan has created40cfae75863a8aef6a04b22ba821adb0 something quite chaotic but equally beautiful. I think the sandy yellows make the maps underneath come to life, and the brown threads give it even more depth. I get really excited when I see something so tactile and just want to run my fingers over it. I love the loose threads at the end and I find it intriguing to see the chaos that an otherwise perfect, mechanical process has created.

I decided I needed to make my journal more tactile but I still wanted to keep it fairly neat, I wanted it look handmade and rustic but not erratic. And so I decided to hand-stitch some parts of my journal that I felt needed a bit more pizazz.

My favourite part is probably the snowflake, as the stitching is so subtle you might miss it at a glance, but you can feel it and it’s an interesting combination of lines. I feel it fits the theme of the page, as snowflakes themselves are very delicate and subtle but equally as interesting.



Thanks for reading,





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