Virgo Constellation – Carousel Book


A while ago, I did a workshop in making Carousel books, and decided to see how small I could make one..

Although it was extremely impractical, I was quite proud of the third one (above right) especially!

However, I decided to use the biggest of the three to continue with, and I decided I wanted to make a book about Christmas in Hereford, depicting five different shop fronts.

I did a coffee shop and a scene in the Old Market with the Christmas tree before realising I’d made the top layer too delicate and it just fell apart – I also completely lost interest in what I was doing by this point.

I decided to cut my losses and start again using the next biggest book I’d made (which was pretty tiny). I decided to choose something that stretched across all five sides but still looked good as individual pages and that ended up being a constellation (I’ve been really loving royal blue and astronomy lately so thought it would keep me interested in it while I was making it). I thought about using Hydra as it’s the largest and (more importantly) longest constellation, and thought it would fit well in my composition but decided it was a bit too long for the size I wanted the stars to be so I went with the second-longest constellation – Virgo.

I used an inkpad to get the colour on the back and middle layers and marked out roughly where I wanted the stars to go.


I then started cutting into the separate layers:

Until I had this:

I made covers and stuck them on with some royal blue embroidery thread between to create ties.

I am so happy with the result – it’s definitely one I’m going to treasure and I’m so glad I decided to change my idea when I realised it wasn’t working, like I did with my journal.

Thanks for reading!




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