Editorial Illustration – Jon Ronson’s “Citizen Kubrick”

The third and final editorial illustration I did was for an article about Jon Ronson’s visit to Stanley Kubrick’s house after his death. (See the first and second illustrations here).

A recurring theme throughout the article was storage boxes so I started drawing some cardboard boxes…


(Also, Ronson repeatedly used the phrase ‘tangled head’ so I put that on a box because I thought it was interesting).

I felt like I couldn’t really get anything usable out of drawing so I decided to start cutting some brown paper instead.

Scan_20160106 (2)

I liked the wonkiness of this box and thought it might make a nice pattern with the positive and negative boxes alternating underneath each other, to emphasise just how many boxes Kubrick left. I wasn’t too sure about that idea so I decided to cut another box and see how it went, and then I thought about how I could emphasise the amount of boxes in a more sophisticated way by making the boxes resemble his whole estate. I cut a box shape for the house and smaller ones for the trees and drew over them, and this is what it looked like..

Scan_20160106 (4)

I loved how it looked because it was so subtle and you wouldn’t realise the cut-out spaces look like cardboard boxes instantly but once you read the article and look back at it, you get it. I quite like illustrations like that.

I adjusted the colour and resized it to the required specifications and here’s the final illustration:

Scan_20160106 (4)resize

I hope you like it, thanks for reading!



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