Editorial Illustration – “An Introvert’s Guide to Networking” article

The second article I illustrated as part of a project for university was about networking for introverts – the first one I did can be found here.

One thing it talked about was how introverts tend to busy themselves, for example using their phone and hanging out by the pot plant in the corner. I knew that this was what I wanted to illustrate so I started sketching some pot plants…


I decided I wanted to keep a Fletcher-esque theme throughout all three illustrations and so I started cutting pot plants out of green paper..

Scan_20160105 (2)

I liked how layering the pot plants made them look crowded, and generally introverts don’t like crowded spaces so it emphasised the sense of claustrophobia and discomfort. I wasn’t completely happy though so I cut some more….


I decided to add some circles, more for aesthetic effect than anything, but I then realised they could be faces talking to each other from behind pot plants, which brought in the ‘networking’ element.

I photocopied it and played about with how I wanted the faces to look. I decided to add signal lines to reiterate ‘networking’  and to make them look like they were communicating. After playing about I came up with something I liked and then manipulated the colour digitally.

Scan_20160105 (3)sdfghjk

I then resized it to the required specs and here’s the final illustration:

Scan_20160105 (3)finalresize

Thanks for reading!




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