Welcome to the Monkey House – Completed Book Cover Redesign

This morning I completed the book cover I’m designing for Kurt Vonnegut’s “Welcome to the Monkey House” (1968), see my progress post here.

So I scanned in my stamped pill pattern and a hand-rendered serif typeface (loosely based on Garamond) and played about with the composition on Photoshop.

I decided on the top-right corner because it was less busy and filled the space nicely. I lined the text up with the lines in the pattern to make it feel a bit more integrated. I then scanned in some lettering I’d drawn and adjusted the colour and contrast to make the black darker without losing the texture from the brush pen.


I picked the one I thought was the most successful and placed it onto the cover, playing about with size and position.


I didn’t like the ‘K’ from the original text so I replaced it with a different one and then added a spine and back cover to my document. I repeated the pattern across both, and then added the title and author to the spine and used an online barcode generator to get a barcode (the Vonnegut fans among you will notice the number is his birthday – well done if you saw it!).


I then used InDesign to format the synopsis as I find it a lot easier for that sort of thing than Photoshop. I decided to use Garamond and Bell MT for the text because they are similar to the title font and were easy to read and just, well, worked.


I then copied it over and adjusted the colour of the imagery behind the text so that it was easier to read. I’m extremely happy with the final product – please let me know if you like it!


Thanks for reading!



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