Editorial Illustration for the Telegraph (haha, not really…)

For one of my modules at university, I’m illustrating three newspaper articles within strict time frame of 24 hours each, maximum. I’ve also included sketches as would be given to the Art Director at the newspaper. It’s just like the real thing!

For starters, I knew the restricted timeframe didn’t lend itself well to printmaking or anything like that so I went for some collage. I decided to start with the article about the current flooding in Cumbria, I guess because it’s the most topical. So, rifling through my box o’collage papers (which includes anything from junk mail envelopes to wrapping paper), I picked out some nice blues/purples and browns, got some glue and just went with it – this is what happened..


I really liked it but I knew it needed some refinement, so I had a look through collage genius Alan Fletcher’s “Picturing and Poeting” (an amazing book – highly recommended!) for a bit of inspiration.


I came across his illustrations of the Zodiac and the minimalist one-or-two colour cut-outs with a little bit of drawing on top really appealed to me. I got my scalpel and here’s what happened..

Scan_20160103 (2)

I liked where it was going but the fish were all wrong and it just needed some more refinement. So, I started sketching.

Scan_20160103 (3)

I really liked the chimney smoke and I knew the white house needed something in it but I didn’t really want to draw windows or anything so I went with a fish. As you do.

Scan_20160103 (4)

And after a bit of colour-correcting and resizing, here’s the finished illustration:

Scan_20160103 (4)final

Thank you for reading!



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