“Postcards From Life” Preview Evening

Back in July, St. Michael’s Hospice in Herefordshire put out a call for entries for postcard sized artworks that they could then auction off to raise funds. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and submitted this painting:


Over the summer, they updated their Facebook page with sneak peaks of the artwork they’d had sent in, and it was refreshing to see such a variety of techniques and subject matter used. They didn’t reveal any artist names, and won’t until after the auction, which I thought was wonderful as it meant people were buying art because they liked it, and not just because of who created it. Although, there were some that were pret12283250_1540747612883161_893414792_nty obvious, like Jackie Morris’ gorgeous “Hare found the moon, tangled in the leaves”.

The auction began online on 9th November, hosted by Brightwells Auctioneers. I checked up on my little postcard regularly and it was lovely to see that almost every piece of work had been bid on and some were going for some good sums of money!

The private viewing was on Thursday (19th) at the picturesque Hellens Manor in Much Marcle, 12278159_1540738176217438_163267334_nHerefordshire. There were about 240 entries by about 160 different artists in all, which is incredible! They’d been double-mounted and framed, and displayed on hessian-covered boards – very quaint! There was Prosecco and elderflower cordial and canapés, it was all very swanky! But also very inspiring to see the artworks in person. I went with Max and Karin who had also submitted work for the auction, and almost lost Max to the canapé trays many times.


There was plenty of pointing and ‘ooh’ing which will hopefully mean more bids and more money raised for the Hospice. The bidding ends at noon tomorrow (Monday 23rd November) so please have a click of this link and place a few bids if you see anything you like!

Here are a few more examples that could be yours to own!

(I took these pictures at the Preview Evening but the artwork belongs to St. Michael’s Hospice).

Thanks for reading!

Amy x


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